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Looking for a high-quality, well-built shed for sale in Connecticut? There’s a reason why so many people choose Kloter Farms for custom sheds and other outdoor structures: our above-and-beyond commitment to our sheds and our customers. If you’re searching for outdoor sheds in CT, MA or RI, look no further than Kloter Farms.

FREE shed delivery CT, MA & RI. Minimum $2500 purchase required, excluding Cape Cod and islands.

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At Kloter Farms, we understand that selecting the right shed storage can be an overwhelming process. That’s why our patient and knowledgeable professionals will work with you until you’re satisfied. When you visit Kloter Farms in Ellington, CT, you will be able to walk in an examine each shed we have for sale. That way you can see our solid and sturdy construction for yourself! You’re invited to bring the entire family! Everyone is welcome.

The original Kloter design – with a vision for quality, strength, and function. This shed has everything you need. This intelligent design is durable, clean, and uncluttered. Every storage building comes standard with a double door and two windows. Delivery of your fully-assembled shed is included in the price. Siding types available: Duratemp® T1-11 and Vinyl.

Your Best Value

Features of Signature T1-11

  • Maintenance-free permatrim
  • 4” Roof overhang
  • Reinforced doors, painted both sides
  • Large end vents
  • With or without X-door trim
  • Very low maintenance (only needs paint every 8-12 years)

Features of Signature Vinyl

  • 100% Maintenance free
  • 6” Roof overhangs
  • Vented soffits
  • All plywood construction
  • Decorative black hinges


Available Roof Designs for Signature Series Sheds



Designed to bring you the best of both worlds. Clean lines are enhanced with wide trim to introduce the charming details of yesteryear. New England doors are compatible with transom windows…an age-old selection. Siding types available: Duratemp® T-1-11 and Vinyl.


Features of New England Series Sheds: 6″ roof overhangs, louvered or raised panel shutters, Miratec® window trim, Miratec® corners, Miratec® fascia, compatible with transom windows.

Available Roof Designs for New England Series Sheds



Designed to bring you the best of both worlds. Clean lines are enhanced with wide trim to introduce the charming details of yesteryear. New England doors are compatible with transom windows…an age-old selection. Siding types available: Duratemp® T-1-11 and Vinyl.

Features of Garden Series

  • Three different wall heights:
    1) Classic 2) Manor 3) Elite
  • 10″ to 12″ Roof overhang
  • Miratec® window trim

  • Miratec® corners
  • Miratec® Fascia
  • Handmade shutters
  • Antique-style strap hinges
  • Arch-top end ventss

  • Arch door & trim options
  • Flexible designs
  • Custom projects welcome
  • Custom siding availible

Available Roof Designs for Classic Size



Available Roof Designs for Manor Size



Available Roof Designs for Elite Size



Shop by Shed Roofline

There is balance between structural definition and finishing details. The style of a storage building is defined by a combination of these elements. This tool is designed to help you navigate through style names that are unique to Kloter

Kloter Farms Quality Shed Designs

Every shed design and construction decision that goes into each shed we build has a tremendous amount of thought and attention behind it, from the materials we use to each shed’s unique layout and design. Our expert craftsmen take each piece and transform it into a cohesive shed design that is both durable and attractive. All Kloter Farms sheds are made in the USA from high-quality, durable materials. Whether you choose a Signature Series, New England Series or Garden Series shed, you are getting a hand-crafted outdoor storage building that will serve you well for years to come.

A Better Way In Sheds

Smith Brothers Best Industry Foam

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Smith Brothers Superior Spring Units

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Smith Brothers Quality Construction

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At Kloter Farms, our durable outdoor storage sheds are functional and built to last. Whether you’re looking to free up valuable storage space in your garage, reduce the amount of clutter inside your home, or store your yard equipment and maintenance tools out of sight, our Connecticut sheds have many advantages.

Storage sheds are designed to help you store your items neatly, efficiently, and securely. Plus, they provide a safe place for you to keep hazardous materials, like weed-killers and fertilizers. In addition to the many benefits of owning well-crafted storage buildings or storage sheds from Kloter Farms, you’ll also appreciate the beauty and curb appeal they add to your backyard.

From classic wood sheds to pool houses and even animal shelter barns, all of our storage buildings can be customized to meet your needs. Our team will work with you to select the ideal size, siding color, features, and more. That way, you can ensure your shed or barn’s design fits seamlessly with the rest of your property. The best part? We offer convenient storage building delivery and expert installation to ensure your experience is as easy as possible.

Free Shed Delivery

Shed orders totaling $2500 or more are eligible for free delivery within Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Site Preperation

Kloter Farms offers site preparation services to ensure that your shed is properly leveled with doors operating correctly.

Building Permits

Detailed drawings are available upon request.

10-Year Guarantee

Pure and simple, because it’s from Kloter Farms.

A Commitment to Customer Service

We don’t just handcraft exceptional Connecticut sheds at Kloter Farms – we also deliver exceptional customer service to go along with them. We’re with you through every step of the shopping, customization, and delivery process. If you have a question about your shed or any other aspect of your experience, we will work with you to address your concerns and make sure you are satisfied. Don’t know exactly what shed you want or need? We’ll walk you through all of your options to help you make the most informed decision.
Additionally, our pre-built sheds are also delivered fully assembled – both for your convenience and for quality control. Building our Connecticut sheds on-site allows us to ensure that every storage structure we produce fulfills our rigorous specifications. This is just another expression of our commitment to providing the best storage sheds in Connecticut and beyond.

Read What Other Customers Have To Say About Kloter Farms Sheds

GREAT EXPERIENCE!Becky my sales representative was amazing!The guys that delivered today were professional and nice.Could not be happier!Highly recommend!Thank youRebecca
Rebecca Pond
Rebecca Pond
18:42 09 Jan 23
We recently purchased a sofa from Kloter Farms and are very satisfied with the quality of this American-made product.Our Salesman (Carl)was very professional and knowledgeable regarding product & options.When two young men delivered our sofa this week, they also were professional and on-time with delivery.They also advised us regarding fabric maintenance recomendations.We purchased a storage shed from Kloter Farms many years ago and that American-made product also was built to a high quality standard and was exceptional.
Joseph Twarkins
Joseph Twarkins
17:27 08 Dec 22
Jason and his team made the process easy, and were helpful getting the town in line with a structure this size. We went with kloter after a great experience with a shed at our last home, on a reference from my parents, who's shed is now 30 years old and going strong!
Jeffrey Crompton
Jeffrey Crompton
02:17 29 Nov 22
We purchased our"office in late 2019. We run a small dog rescue; Little Rhody Rescue and Quarantine Inc in Glocester RI.First, the team was professional, courteous and my finished product was EXACTLY what I ordered and wanted. The price was reasonable - especially for the quality that I received!We received a beautiful grant from the singer Miranda Lambert's Mutt Nation Foundation. We cleared trees, prepped for the bug day ! Delivery was flawless and SO fast!....Then the pandemic hit. Our 'office' allowed us to hold adoption events even when all of the stores were closed to adoption events.This beautiful 'Shed' has become a lifeline and helped us to save 1,200 dogs' and cats' lives- all because it enabled us to continue our work!!!Thanks I can recommend no one more!
Kate Dubuque
Kate Dubuque
00:35 24 Nov 22
My shed was delivered yesterday and I can't tell you how happy I am with it! It has solved all of my outdoor storage needs and then some, and it is beautiful! A special shout-out to Tyler the delivery guy. I was thoroughly amazed at his expertise in getting into my difficult driveway (even the garbage man won't come down it) and the way he handled that trailer all by himself and landed the shed exactly where I wanted it. It's 10 X 20" so no easy task. I highly recommend these guys! Thanks again Tyler!
Michael Magner
Michael Magner
19:54 11 Nov 22
Absolutely Amazing Company and Staff. Bought a 12x14 Cape Shed. I was at the tail end of a major patio renovation and decided to demolish a mouse infested shed that I have had for 30 years. Problem was... I needed the shed delivered within 2 weeks before area would become non-accessible. I first went to a shed dealer down the road... was told it would be 8-12 weeks... nothing they could do. Thinking I was going to be building the new shed myself... I tried Kloter Farms. I told them my dilemma and they said no problem... they could get it done within 2 weeks. Walked the yard... found a beautiful shed... signed the paperwork and literally got a call within 36 hours and shed was delivered to my house within 72 hours of first stepping foot in their showroom. They bailed me out big time. As far as price... I understand building a shed would save money... but with screws running $40 for 5 lbs, and lumber prices insane... It cost me about $1500 over cost of materials, not including tax, to simply buy the shed from Kloter. I will never build my own shed again. Great Quality... ask for Joe Schneider (Sales Rep I dealt with)
John Briare
John Briare
02:29 06 Nov 22
We bought a shed last year from Kolter Farms. We love it. We had to call for a minor issue covered under the warranty. The repair was perfectly completed in a very timely manner. The service tech was very professional. IIhighly recommend
Ashor Yousif
Ashor Yousif
22:52 29 Sep 22
From start to finish, the entire experience with Kloter Farms was excellent. We purchased an elite cape building and a large storage shed. This business/team are true professionals and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thank you.
Ray Hoyt
Ray Hoyt
14:26 15 Sep 22
We bought a shed to replace the one destroyed by a fallen tree then came the Covid shut down of 2021 and we decided to turn it into a backyard pub. It has been a great project all starting with Kloter Farms quality products and service. THANK YOU ! Come out and have a pint!
Nita Casey
Nita Casey
16:23 11 Aug 22
Awesome shed and workmanship, I couldn't have purchased the materials for what I paid. I can't believe how quick and easy they did this.Kudos to Kloter farms. They did an excellent job from start to finish. Very professional all the way! 🙏
Cliff P
Cliff P
21:04 20 Jul 22
The high quality products and customer service at Kloter Farms are unmatched in New England, I love my entertainment center and my shed!
Mike Shirley
Mike Shirley
14:56 19 Jul 22
We had our shed delivered over month ago and my husband Kevin and I love it! Everyone we know that sees it loves it too. My sister and husband now are buying one from you after they seen ours! They went above and beyond with the whole process, from ordering it online to delivering it with such expertise and professionalism, Kloter Farms is the best!
00:08 17 Jul 22
Five well deserved starts to Kloter Farms! I wound up at your store because the "other "shed place down the road from you ignored me while waiting to speak to a sales man and then told me 8-10 weeks for delivery of an in stock shed. From the minute I called everything went like a well oiled machine. Your inventory was great and I was able to find exactly what I wanted and it could be delivered in a week! The two guys who came out today were amazing and on time. The way they were able to get the shed in the perfect spot was impressive. Fantastic experience, Thank you.
Joe Esile(Admin)
Joe Esile(Admin)
19:04 06 Jul 22
Hi Paul, I just wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you for the excellent experience buying a shed through Kloter Farms. Everyone from the reception during my many calls, to Dan the delivery driver were pleasant, professional and knowledgeable.You were a great help with the buying process and Jeff was a great help in setting up the delivery. In todays business climate it is hard to find a company that comes through in all aspects of a transaction. Kloter Farms and all its employees performed in a great way.Management should be proud of the team at Kloter Farms.Sincerely, Brian W
Brian Woodard
Brian Woodard
10:32 06 Jun 22
Their prices are always pretty good, you could probably find something for a little less if you looked around, but you know you're getting a quality product here, and You know you're getting good customer service with the delivery and installation of anything you buy. We've ordered multiple sheds, swings, and other outdoor products from them and have never been disappointed.Exame of great customer service....We ordered some Adirondack chairs a few years ago, one was available quickly and the other was about 2 weeks on backorder. Instead of waiting they actually delivered each chair separately at no extra charge. No need to do that but it's great customer service.
Ja Kr
Ja Kr
03:13 24 Apr 22
Over the years, I have purchased many pieces from Kloter Farms - from sheds to furniture (most recently a custom made couch). All are treasured pieces at my home. Just visiting your store, is always a pleasure. And the customer service is exemplary! Simply, the best.
Erika Leigh
Erika Leigh
15:41 04 Mar 22
We purchased a 16' x 10' shed from Kloter Farms and could not be more pleased with their entire process and the quality of the end product. Their sales team guided us through the design options and made it easy for us to envision what we were looking for. We thought it would be a difficult delivery because the shed placement was on the edge of a steep grade with very little room to maneuver. However when it was time to place the shed onto the site the driver explained to us in detail how the trailer could articulate the shed into position on the crushed stone pad. He placed it perfectly. I would not hesitate to recommend Kloter Farms.
Frank Randazzo
Frank Randazzo
22:26 25 Feb 22
This is my new Kloter Farms shed, 100-percent satisfied with the product, people and delivery team. 1000 thanks for a good value, product and transaction!
Heywood J
Heywood J
20:27 17 Nov 21
Delivery day arrived and so did our beautiful Kloter shed. The delivery and install teams ensured our complete satisfaction and were a pleasure to work with. So many people are under pressure and show little sense of humor which we think is so important in today's divisive environment to work hard and laugh. The Kloter team not only worked well but seemed to actually enjoy and respect each other. A little dose of humor from us and we had a nice flow of laughter for much of the time they were here. Great company philosophy, people and products make a winning formula. Congratulations and Thanks!! Phil & Fran
Phil White
Phil White
13:09 24 Oct 21
Recently bought a shed from Kloter Farms and I couldnt't be happier! From the online purchase to a small glitch in the delivery date, which was quickly resolved with the help of Dean, I am very impressed. The prices and variety of sheds cannot be beat. Thank you Kloter!!!!
Jennifer Braz
Jennifer Braz
11:54 26 Sep 21
Class act job!!! My husband and I are so happy with the experience we had at Kloter Farms. Every step from the shed design process through the installation was a complete home run! The staff was professional, knowledgeable, and above and beyond helpful. The craftsmanship of our shed is top notch and we couldn't be more pleased. We would highly recommend Kloter Farms to anyone!!! Thank you for making the process such a pleasurable one!!! Wishing you continued success.
Lisa Toce-Nadeau
Lisa Toce-Nadeau
21:02 01 Sep 21
I had to postpone my first shed delivery and everything worked out just fine. Shed delivered Wednesday 8/18/21. The driver had about 12 ft across my driveway and 40 ft through my yard. His professional driving skills were amazing how he maneuvered and dropped the shed. Yes, I love my new Kloter Farms shed. Mary Jane McQueeney West Haven
Mary Jane McQueeney
Mary Jane McQueeney
15:45 20 Aug 21

Visit Our Outdoor Display Park

At Kloter Farms, we know that there’s no substitute for seeing something for yourself. We created our 16-acre Display Park with this in mind. Located in Ellington, CT, the Kloter Farms Display Park is a place you can come to design, dream, and research. It’s open year-round for your convenience, and we urge you to visit to experience our outdoor storage structures for yourself.

In addition to seeing our sheds, garages, pool houses, barns, and other patios up close and personal, a visit to the Display Park is also an opportunity to connect with our friendly and experienced sales team. Whether you have a specific shed in mind or you’re just starting to think about adding an outdoor storage structure to your home, we are eager to understand your vision and help you to bring it to life.

We understand that selecting the right shed storage can be an overwhelming process. That’s why our patient and knowledgeable professionals will work with you until you’re satisfied. When you visit our Outdoor Display Park, you’ll be able to walk in and examine each shed. That way, you can see our solid and sturdy construction for yourself. You’re also invited to bring the entire family. Everyone is welcome!

If you are looking for high-quality, custom-built sheds in MA, CT, or RI, Kloter Farms is your best choice. We are here to help you design and build the perfect structure for your outdoor space. You’ll also find custom pool houses, custom barns, garages, and much more at Kloter Farms.

Looking for a one-car or multi-car garage? Click here.

FREE Delivery CT, MA, & RI (excludes Cape Cod & Islands, min. $2500).