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When you first decide to remodel your kitchen, there are various options for you to choose from: ready-made cabinets from a home improvement store, getting crafty by taking it on do-it-yourself style, and working alongside a custom kitchen cabinet maker. It can be hard to sort out all of the pros and cons to find which path makes the most sense for you. Here are five reasons why you should hire a custom kitchen cabinet maker for your kitchen remodel. 

1. Optimal Use of Space

When you work alongside custom kitchen cabinet makers, you can design your kitchen to your exact specifications. While box store cabinets might be a cheaper and readily available option, not all cabinets are built the same. This option might leave you with a lot of empty space, or cabinets that just do not fit your kitchen. 

With the rise of open concept and minimalistic design, it is key to have kitchen cabinets that allow you to use every available inch of storage that you have available. Custom built kitchen cabinets will be designed to align perfectly with the edges and curves of your home, so that you have a beautiful kitchen with maximized storage capacities. 

2. High Quality Crafted Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets from a custom kitchen cabinet maker will be much higher quality than stock cabinets from a big box store. Kloter Farms kitchen cabinets are built to a higher standard. 

Our custom-built kitchen cabinets are built entirely from solid hardwood and never any particleboard pieces. These American-made cabinets will be sturdy, beautiful, and built to last a lifetime. No matter what style or functionality you are interested in, cabinets from a Kloter Farms custom kitchen cabinet maker is the highest quality you can find.

3. Easier than DIY

Creating and remodeling your home yourself can seem like an appealing route. You might think to yourself, how hard is it to install kitchen cabinets really? Unless you are a trained professional, we do not recommend taking matters into your own hands. 

Kitchens are complicated. There are a lot of wires and tubes – water lines, electrical outlets, plumbing… it can be easy for things to go wrong if you aren’t careful. Hiring a custom kitchen cabinet maker will save you the hassle of endlessly searching for “how-to” guides and making mistakes! Our custom kitchen cabinet makers take out the stress and put in high quality, USA made kitchen cabinetry. 

4. High Durability and Wood Variety 

Choosing a custom built kitchen cabinet allows you the option to choose your wood type. While box stores will offer you one style or look, custom kitchen cabinets let you choose ever detail! There are a variety of different wood types that we offer and recommend for your kitchen cabinet project. 

Recommended wood species include oak, ¼ sawn oak, brown maple, cherry, character cherry, and hickory. Each of these woods are beautiful and unique. High in durability, choose the species of wood that’s your favorite, then select your paint or stain! We are here to help you with every detail and make something great. Modern style or farmhouse classic, we are the kitchen cabinet makers to go to in Connecticut. 

5. Built to Last, Built to Match

With custom colors and styles available, your kitchen cabinets can be built to match with your existing furniture and home accents! There is limitless potential to what your kitchen remodel could look like! Whether you want a big change or just a small upgrade with more storage, custom kitchen cabinet makers are the choice for you!

Kloter Farms Custom Kitchen Cabinet Makers

Your search for, “custom kitchen cabinet makers near me” ends here! Come visit our showroom in Ellington, CT to touch and feel the quality of our custom kitchen cabinetry in person. Our display showroom is open six days a week and we can’t wait to meet you. 

At Kloter Farms, we take great pride in helping our trusted customers conceptualize and bring to life truly extraordinary kitchen cabinetry. To start designing your dream kitchen cabinets, contact us today.

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